Claim your business on Google Maps

97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

Add photos, videos, and offers to show customers why they’ll want to choose you. Highlight special promotions, post live updates, and respond to reviews from your Places for business account.

Learn more about your customers.  What keywords they’re searching for and where they’re coming from.


Benefits of Google Maps and Google Places

It’s Free!
Add photos of your business, products and services
Add videos
Highlight promotions
Post coupons
Post live updates
Respond to customer reviews
Find out what keywords customers are searching for and where they are coming from


Q. What’s the cost?
A. Free

Q. What if I don’t have a storefront or physical address?
A. You must have a mailing address. If you work from home or provide a mobile service you can specify a “service area”

Q. If I have a mobile service can I hide my home address?
A. Yes during the sign-up process you have a choice to hide your physical address

Q. Can I add multiple locations?
A. There should be only one listing per physical location

How do I get my business on Google Maps?
1.    Go to www.google.com
2.    Click Business Solutions
3.    Click Google Places
4.    Sign in with your existing Google account or create a new Google account
5.    Click Add a listing
6.    Type in the business phone number to see if you already have an existing Google Places listing
7.    If you already have a listing you can edit the existing listing or move forward with creating a new listing
8.    Mandatory Fields (have this ready before starting)

a.    Country
b.    Company Name
c.    Address
d.    Main Phone
e.    Category
f.    Service Area or Location
g.    Hours of Operation

9.    Recommended Fields

a.    Email address
b.    Website address
c.    Company Description
d.    Payment Options
e.    Photos
f.    Videos
g.    Special Offers/Coupons

10.    Verify your listing by phone is faster and easier than by postcard.

Watch this helpful video directly from Google

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