Create a Facebook Page for your Business

Creating a Facebook page for your business is a FREE way to engage with clients, share news and updates and show off your company or services.

I’ve decided to create an easy to follow manual on how you can create your own Facebook Page for your business or you can hire us to do it for you!

Go ahead and have these 10 items ready before beginning the process:

  1. You must first have a Facebook account to create a Facebook page
  2. Choose the type of Facebook Page you want to create (see chart below)
  3. Have a set of photos to represent your page ready to upload whether it be products, storefront, events or services & decide what image you want as your profile pic/logo (180×540 is the max so use it)
  4. Decide the name of your page/company
  5. Have a set of events, announcements, service and details ready to add to your page & decide what page you want your customers to see first (your wall, your info, your photos, your discussions, other)
  6. Decide what other Facebook users you want to have as an administrator to your account (your secretary, your spouse/family, your webmaster)
  7. Decide the age restrictions for the site
  8. Decide profanity restrictions
  9. Decide the country restrictions
  10. Decide if users can write/post on your wall, if users can add photos, if users can add video

types of facebook pages

After you choose one of the six choices, select a category to describe your business, give your page a name and begin editing your page’s information.

Facebook continually changes the way you can create and edit your page but hopefully this will give you a head start!

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