Google Product Search Feed Requirements

As of today Google requires the items below.

The below list will give you an idea of what clients must make sure they have before submitting:


Product Name

Product Category


Image (at least 400px X 400px)

Product Condition

Price (with default currency for country being listed)

GPS Enabled set to Y.

GPS Category set to a valid BigCommerce category.

Category Mapped to GPS

Unique Identifier Requirement for Google Product Search:

Media – Must have either UPC or GTIN on BigCommerce (for now I would not use both).

Books – Must have the ISBN number entered into the GTIN field on BigCommerce.

Apparel – Must have a Brand, Color, Size, Age Group, Gender. Material and Pattern are required if applicable.

Custom Made Goods – No Identifiers required for now.

All Other Goods – Must have at least two of the following three:


UPC or GTIN (not a good idea to have both right now)


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