Interlinking with SEO Smart Links for WordPress

Interlinking is the act of linking to other pages inside your website. This gives you a really easy opportunity to create a strong backlink to another page which you are trying to optimize for the search engines.

While you certainly can and should link to other internal pages inside of your post or page content, there are other ways as well. Interlinking can also refer to the links to your categories in your sidebar, links to your pages in your navigation, a similar posts listing after your content, etc.

SEO Smart Links is a great WordPress plugin which automatically links keywords and phrases which you specify with corresponding posts, page, and category URLs.

The plugin has many features including:

•    Choosing to have the plugin only interlink posts or interlink both pages and posts.
•    Ability to exclude heading tags.
•    To reduce database load you can choose to have SEO Smart Links work only on single posts and pages.
•    Ability to ignore certain posts or pages.
•    Ability to ignore certain words or phrases from automatic linking.
•    Ability to set a limit to the maximum number of different links SEO Smart Links generates.
•    Ability to limit the maximum number of links created with the same keyword.
•    Ability to limit the number of same URLs the plugin will link to.
•    Ability to have SEO Smart links automatically open external links in a new window and add a nofollow attribute.

StarPoint Tenant Screening


If you would like to see this plug-in in action please visit  Tenant Screening Blog for Landlords and Property Managers which uses WordPress 3.2.1 with the default Twenty Ten theme.





Example SEO Smart Links :

evict, eviction process, eviction, http://www.starpointtenantscreening.com/blog/tenant-screening/how-do-you-evict-a-tenant/

eviction search, eviction records, eviction report, http://www.starpointtenantscreening.com/eviction-reports.html

credit report, credit reporting, tenant credit report, credit reports for landlords, http://www.starpointtenantscreening.com/credit-reports.html

StarPoint Tenant Screening, tenant screening, http://www.starpointtenantscreening.com

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