Here is a list of common problems and how we can help you:

Software installation problems – That great new program is useless to you if you can’t get it to install properly. This is even more of an issue if you need a custom installation. Our technicians can not only make sure that your software is installed properly, but we will update it before you use it, help you configure it to meet your specific needs.

Software & Windows update problems – Suddenly your computer stops running. There is no really good explanation, but we will update your software and make sure that the new updates are compatible with the other programs on your computer. We can even reverse updates that aren’t working.

Hard drive crashes – If your hard drive crashes, all you need to do is stop and call. Don’t do anything else. We will restart your computer safely and try to save all of your data. If we can’t save the drive itself, we will likely be able to retrieve all of your information for you. If your information is on your hard drive, call us right now, before you do anything else. We will help you to retrieve your data and save all of your hard work.

Computer IT Support Pensacola

Broken equipment – One of the biggest differences between us and those other computer repair companies is that we do house calls. If your keyboard is broken or you smashed your screen, call us. We can probably repair your computer for less than you can replace it.

Computer Repair Services in Pensacola

Wifi Issues – You wifi network seems to run your whole life. Your computers, smartphones and televisions are all connected to it. It is your lifeline to the internet and everything you need for school, work and play. If your network crashes, you need it to start working again soon. We can make sure your network is secure and that everything is logged in properly.


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